Michael Komm: CONCEPTUAL
Michael Komm:
Moving in the streets of a modern metropolis such as Prague is becoming increasingly difficult. While the pavements have a permanent litter problem, most of the space in streets is typically occupied by parked cars. These are so common, that pedestrians no longer pay any attention to them and acknowledge cars as a natural part of town landscape. But this has not always been the case. Prague is a medieval city, most of the streets in the center have been designed between 14th (the old town) and 19th (the residential parts) century, long time before the motoristic invasion. How did the streets look in the old days? And how did people use the space, which is now blocked by all the vehicles?
This photo series takes an advantage of a unique occasion – once per year the streets are being cleaned and the cars have to be removed. In this short moment, we are allowed to admire all the available space and think about whether there could be a better use of it than an improvised parking space.